Molecular model of methamphetamine.

Can you become addicted to methamphetamine (meth) after using it for the first time?

No, you cannot become addicted to methamphetamine or any drug after using it only one time.

Addiction and substance use disorder

A person only meets the criteria for a substance use disorder if, over the course of several months, they continue to use a drug repeatedly despite experiencing numerous harms and negative consequences.

We need a health approach to methamphetamine (meth).

People who use methamphetamine can face risks, including stimulant overdose or overamping. Learn more about how drug decriminalization and investing in health, harm reduction services, overdose prevention centers, and safer supply can keep people safer.

Reviewed and updated by Jules Netherland, PhD, and Dr. Sheila P. Vakharia on 05/26/2023.

A young woman holds a sign that says "End the Drug War."

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