Molecular model of fentanyl.

Are there any medical uses of fentanyl?

Yes, fentanyl is used safely during some surgical procedures and under medical supervision.

Yes. In medical settings, fentanyl is used during some surgical procedures. It is also prescribed as a treatment for chronic pain patients who have a high tolerance for opioids. In medical settings, fentanyl comes in several forms. These forms include liquid, tablets, lozenges, and skin patches.

Medical-grade fentanyl is made by pharmaceutical companies. Experts agree that our overdose crisis is not driven by diverted medical-grade fentanyl, but by illicitly manufactured fentanyl.

Fentanyl can be used safely under medical supervision, in small doses, and when appropriate precautions are taken.

We need a health approach to fentanyl.

Due to drug prohibition, fentanyl is part of the illicit drug supply. Learn more about how drug decriminalization and investing in health, overdose prevention centers, and safer supply can keep people safer.

Reviewed and updated by Jules Netherland, PhD, and Dr. Sheila P. Vakharia on 5/2/2023.

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