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Press Release April 1, 2024

Oregon Returns to Failed Approach of Arresting, Jailing People for Possession

Governor Tina Kotek signed House Bill (HB) 4002, which recriminalizes drug possession and doubles down on the failed approach of arresting and jailing people for drug possession, into law.

Press Release March 21, 2024

CDC Data Confirms Overdose Deaths Rise Nationwide, Despite Increasing Criminalization Efforts

Overdose deaths continued to rise in 2022. The new CDC data underscores the need for health-based solutions to the overdose crisis.

Press Release March 8, 2024

The Drug Policy Alliance Responds to the 2024 State of the Union Address

With fentanyl crackdowns and federal marijuana reform taking center stage during President Biden’s State of the Union address, experts at the Drug Policy Alliance correct the record on what actually keeps communities safe and healthy.

Press Release March 1, 2024

Oregon Set to Recriminalize Drugs, Return to Failed Approach of Arresting, Jailing People for Possession

State Leaders Scapegoated Measure 110 for their Own Failures to Address Public Suffering

Statement Kellen Russoniello February 2, 2024

Providence City Council Paves the Way for the First State- and Locally-Approved Overdose Prevention Center in the U.S., Embracing a Public Health Approach to the Overdose Crisis

Rhode Island’s first overdose prevention center is expected to open this summer.

Statement Maritza Perez Medina January 30, 2024

Drug Policy Alliance Commends Congressional Marijuana Reform Champions for Supporting Descheduling

With twelve Senators and a majority of American voters supporting marijuana descheduling, pressure is mounting for the Biden Administration to fulfill their campaign promise to end federal marijuana criminalization.

Statement Kellen Russoniello January 24, 2024

Proposed Reversal on Decriminalization in Oregon Sets Dangerous Precedent for the Country

Today, the Oregon Joint Interim Committee on Addiction and Community Safety announced that they plan to reverse the state’s public health approach to addiction and impose a criminal penalty for people not able to access treatment. The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) has issued the below statement in response.

Press Release Cat Packer January 17, 2024

Congressional Report Confirms that Changing Marijuana to a Schedule III Drug Would Maintain Federal Criminalization and its Harms

The report comes on the heels of federal scientists outlining marijuana’s medical benefits and low risk, signaling a disconnect between the health outcomes of marijuana use and the harms of enforcement.

Statement Grey Gardner December 22, 2023

Vermont Opioid Settlement Committee Prioritizes Funding Overdose Prevention Centers

The Committee’s support demonstrates a clear commitment to saving lives and embracing these research-backed, public health facilities.

Press Release December 13, 2023

Baseline Report Shows Nation’s First Overdose Prevention Centers are Safe, Effective, and Responsive to Community Needs

Report findings illustrate the life-saving impact OPCs could have nationwide as United States faces an unprecedented overdose crisis.

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