Tuesday in California: Patients & Advocates Hand-Deliver Petition to Senator Feinstein on Medical Marijuana

Press Release July 5, 2015
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California – A groups of California-based advocates will hand-deliver a petition to the San Francisco office of Sen. Feinstein (D-CA). Feinstein has been a leading opponent of marijuana reform, and recently spoke out against an amendment that would protect state medical marijuana programs from federal interference. The amendment passed the Senate Appropriations Committee 21-9, with Feinstein as the only Democrat to oppose the measure, with 8 Republicans voting in support. California locals are fed up with Feinstein's well-document opposition to medical marijuana.

"California has allowed access to medical marijuana for 20 years and the vast majority of Californians support this," said Amanda Reiman, Manager, Marijuana Law and Policy, Drug Policy Alliance. "It is disappointing that Senator Feinstein continues to be a lone voice of opposition from California when it comes to supporting medical marijuana patients."

Although Feinstein’s opposition has eased somewhat, she still remains an obstacle to broad medical marijuana reform at the federal level. Her recent vote to allow veterans to gain access to medical marijuana was a step in theright  direction, but this was undercut by her subsequent vote against and vocal opposition to a measure that would protect state medical marijuana programs and patients from federal prosecution.  She is also a key member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and advocates have urged the committee to take up the CARERS Act, the comprehensive medical marijuana bill introduced this year by Sens. Booker, Paul and Gillibrand.

What: Petition with over 10,000 signatures delivered to Feinstein office by CA advocates


When: July 7, 2015 2pm PST

Where: One Post Street, San Francisco

A young woman holds a sign that says "End the Drug War."

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