Thanks to Calif. Proposition 36 Tens of Thousands Home for the Holidays Instead of in Jail

Press Release December 20, 2005
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Sacramento – Since the voters of California passed Proposition 36 in 2000, tens of thousands of people who have spent many Christmases behind bars are now clean and sober and home with their families for the holidays.

“Seeing these former drug users spend sober holidays at home is perhaps the best measure of how well Proposition 36 works,” said Glenn Backes, director of health policy for the Drug Policy Alliance. “Since Proposition 36 funding is set to expire next year, I hope that policymakers will listen to the moving personal stories from those that would otherwise be in jail.”

During the past month, the Drug Policy Alliance has received several testimonials from Proposition 36 graduates who would have otherwise been in jail without the initiative. The hopeful and joyous holiday plans of the graduates stands in stark contrast to what the alternative would have been without the initiative.

“It’s akin to ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ in that these graduates are finding that life can be rewarding and Proposition 36 helped them get there,” said Backes.

Among the testimonials received from Proposition 36 graduates:

Tammy Bardwell

This Sacramento-area mother is picking out her first Christmas tree in the Sierra foothills and will be spending the holiday with her fianc

A young woman holds a sign that says "End the Drug War."

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