Swiss Government Report: Heroin Prescription Works – TLC Press Release, July 10, 1997

Press Release July 9, 1997
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The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health issued a Report today which included the results of an experimental heroin prescription program. The report found that crime dropped by 60%, unemployment among participants fell by half, and the general and nutritional health of participants improved rapidly during the prescription program. The program, which began in January 1994 and continued through December 1996, eventually prescribed heroin to over 800 heroin addicts in 15 cities.

“This report proves that heroin maintenance is a feasible option for cities trying to reduce the harm associated with heroin addiction,” said Dr. Ethan Nadelmann, Director of the Lindesmith Center, a drug policy research think tank. “As the U.S. and other countries consider alternatives to treating heroin addiction, it is critical that all options, including the prescription of heroin and other drugs, are considered as viable means to reducing crime and improving public health.”

A summary of the report is available on this Web site.

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