The New Anti-War Movement Heats Up

Press Release April 10, 2001
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Two major shifts are taking place in America’s War on Drugs. In recent months, several highly respected political leaders, including Secretary of State Colin Powell, former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, have openly questioned the damage done to our society by the War on Drugs. Bush administration officials seem to be headed in precisely the opposite direction. Attorney General, John Ashcroft, and recently appointed Drug Czar, John Walters, have both promised to escalate the drug war.

Meanwhile, a growing number of Americans are weary of the War on Drugs. A recent ABC News poll found that 69 percent of adults prefer treatment rather than incarceration for drug offenders. Last year, Californians passed Proposition 36 (61%), which will send non-violent first-and second-time drug possession offenders to treatment instead of prison.

Ethan Nadelmann will discuss the emerging drug policy reform movement at an upcoming forum in San Francisco. Nadelmann is one of the world’s most respected and high-profile critics and commentators on U.S. drug policy. Formerly a Princeton professor, he currently serves as executive director of the New York-based Lindesmith Center-Drug Policy Foundation.

Nadelmann earned his B.A., J.D. and Ph.D. in political science from Harvard University as well as a masters degree in international relations from the London School of Economics. He is the author of Cops Across Borders: The Internationalization of U.S. Criminal Law Enforcement (1993) and numerous scholarly and popular articles. He has appeared on scores of radio and TV programs, including ABC’s Nightline, a Ted Koppel Special Report, NBC’s Today Show, NBC Nightly News, CBS’s 48 Hours, CBS Morning News, Larry King Live, CNN Headline News, CNN Crossfire, the Charlie Rose Show, William F. Buckley’s Firing Line, and the MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour.

Details about the forum:
What: The New Anti-War Movement: Drug Policy Reform
When: Wednesday, July 25, 2001, 5-7 PM
Where: The San Francisco Medical Society
1409 Sutter Street (at Franklin)

Open to the Public
Refreshments provided
Please email [email protected] or phone (415) 921-4987 to reserve space

A young woman holds a sign that says "End the Drug War."

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