Medical Marijuana Researcher to Speak at Forums

Press Release April 29, 1999
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Prominent AIDS researcher Donald Abrams, M.D., the only U.S. researcher currently conducting a clinical trial on medical marijuana, will speak on “Medical Marijuana: Tribulations and Trials” at a forum sponsored by The Lindesmith Center West from 5-7 PM on May 25 at the San Francisco Medical Society (1409 Sutter at Franklin).

Dr. Abrams received a grant from the NIH in October 1997 to conduct clinical trials on marijuana’s use by patients with HIV infection. He is sure to present a lively and informative discussion of the state of research into marijuana for medicine.

The forum will include a review of the medical uses of marijuana, a review of the different pharmacokinetics between oral and smoked THC, issues of concern for patients with HIV, and an outline of the tortuous route Dr. Abrams was required to take to gain approval for his study.

Dr. Abrams is chairman and principal investigator of the Community Consortium, an association of Bay Area HIV Health Care Providers, one of the pioneer community-based clinical trials groups, established in 1985. He is the Assistant Director of the AIDS Program at San Francisco General Hospital and a professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.

Physicians, students, health care and treatment providers, patients, and members of the public are invited to the free forum. Please phone the Lindesmith Center at 415-921-4987 or email [email protected] to reserve a space.

The Lindesmith Center-West is a policy and research institute and public interest law center dedicated to broadening debate on drug policy and related issues. The Center’s agenda focuses on issues and strategies that have been overlooked or ignored in public discussions and government-funded research on drug policy.

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