Horizons Conference to Present New Research on the Medical and Psychological Applications of Psychedelic Drugs

Press Release October 8, 2014
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<p>CONTACT: Neal M. Goldsmith, Ph.D, [email protected], (347) 743-1110</p>

The eighth annual Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics conference will be held at Judson Memorial Church and The New School in Greenwich Village, NYC on October 11th and 12th.

Horizons focuses on contemporary research into the applications of psychedelics, providing an invaluable forum for experts to share ideas, insights, and to rethink the future of these drugs in science, medicine, culture, and history.

This year, professors, researchers, writers and practitioners from the United States, England and Switzerland will be presenting findings and insights in the fields of neuroscience, terminal anxiety disorder, depression, hard drugs addiction, sexual orientation and identity, and more.

Info & tickets: horizonsnyc.org
Facebook group: facebook.com/HorizonsConference
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/266791503492233/
Twitter: twitter.com/horizonsconf

This year’s presentations include:

“How Psychedelics Transformed My Life”
Amber Lyon, Emmy Award-Winning Journalist

“Journalistic Responsibility in the Coverage of Psychedelics”
Hamilton Morris, journalist and Vice science editor

“Psychedelics and Civilization, Light and Darkness”
Graham Hancock, writer and journalist

“Does LSD Have a Future in Medicine?”
Peter Gasser, M.D., psychiatrist (Switzerland)

“Psilocybin and Personality Change: Opening to Life, Death, and Everything In Between”
Katherine Maclean, Ph.D., former instructor of Behavioral Pharmacology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

“Realizing Transformation: Integration and Continuing Care in the Psychedelic Treatment of Addiction”
John Harrison, PsyD(c), Founder-Director, Addiction Treatment Specialists

“The Effect of Participation in Ayahuasca Rituals on Gay and Lesbian Self-perception”
Clancy Cavnar, Psy.D., psychologist, NEIP


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