Drug Policy Alliance Releases Videos of Three Marijuana Symposia in California

Press Release June 24, 2015
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In an effort to educate the public and discuss pressing issues related to the legalization of marijuana in California in 2016, the Drug Policy Alliance held three symposia, each focusing on a different aspect of marijuana regulation. Videos from those symposia are now available online to view for free.

The first symposia, held in Los Angeles, addressed issues related to marijuana use and public health. Speakers included Alison Holcomb from the ACLU, Tista Ghosh from the Colorado Department of Public Health and the environment, and Rep. Jonathan Singer from Colorado. The goal of this symposia was to address concerns related to how marijuana legalization might impact road safety, teen drug use and criminal activity. This symposia can be viewed in its entirety or by individual speaker here.

The second symposia, held in Oakland, addressed the social and racial justice issues related to legalization, including the modification of criminal penalties for marijuana, and the impact that prohibition has had and legalization might have on communities typically targeted by the War on Drugs. Speakers included Alice Huffman from the CA NAACP, Robert Rooks from Californians for Safety and Justice, and Deborah Small from Break the Chains. That symposia can be viewed here.

The final symposia, held in Eureka, focused on the impact that marijuana prohibition has had on the environment, and the ways in which this damage can be addressed via the regulation of marijuana cultivation. Speakers at this symposia included Assemblymember Jim Wood, County Supervisor Mark Lovelace, John Corbett, Regional Chairman, and North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board. That symposia can be viewed here.

“With marijuana policies shifting from prohibition to regulation, it is vital to address and discuss issues related to public health and safety as well as environmental preservation and repairing the damage done to communities by the war on drugs. Through these conservations we can develop and promote policies that work for all Californians,” said Amanda Reiman, PhD, Manager of the Marijuana Law and Policy Unit at the Drug Policy Alliance.

Videos provided by Medical Marijuana 411.

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