Drug Policy Alliance Partners with Social Impact Company ATTN:

Press Release August 17, 2015
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The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), the nation's leading organization promoting drug policies grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights, is entering a new partnership with ATTN:, a company with a mission to inform and empower the next generation to make a social impact.

In recent months, ATTN: has produced a series of written stories and videos related to drugs and the drug war, such as the history of marijuana, MDMA, cocaine, opium and drug laws in different countries. The series, entitled “The Real History of Illegal Drugs,” has garnered millions of views.

ATTN: creates powerful content covering issues ranging from economic mobility to civil rights to the environment, while simultaneously incorporating meaningful calls-to-action.

“The appalling nature of America’s War on Drugs has mobilized a new generation to rethink drug policy topics,” said Matthew Segal, the co-founder of ATTN: “We’re excited about working with DPA to generate more insightful and timely content through this new partnership.”

“ATTN: has produced creative and informative content on a range of drug policy issues,” said Sharda Sekaran, Managing Director of Communications for the Drug Policy Alliance, “We have shared a number of ATTN: posts and they are well-received by our supporters. It’s very promising that they are working with us to produce even more.”

Among the topics that ATTN: plans to cover through its initial engagement with DPA, starting in mid-August and completing in early October, are facts about “synthetic” drugs, differences between crack and powder cocaine, reality-based approaches to drug education, and drug decriminalization. For more information, go to attn.com or drugpolicy.org

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