After Historic Announcement of Mayor de Blasio’s Support of Safer Consumption Spaces (SCS), Community Shifts Attention and Pressure to Governor Cuomo

Press Release May 15, 2018
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New York, NY: A coalition of activists, service providers, and drug policy reformers will rally outside Governor Cuomo’s New York City Office to demand that New York State Department of Health take urgent action to support safer consumption spaces as a life-saving strategy.

Speakers will focus on 2017 being the deadliest year for overdoses in New York City history, and how they will maintain pressure on the state until DOH takes action. After the lengthy campaign for Mayor de Blasio to release the long-awaited supervised consumption spaces feasibility study, the coalition is prepared to use the same tactics that ushered the city’s historic announcement to garner state unity on this public health intervention.

Almost two weeks ago, the Mayor came out in support of safer consumption spaces (SCS) after years of community advocacy and recent months of pressure. One of the benchmarks to implementing SCS put forth by the Mayor is the State Department of Health, which answers to Governor Andrew Cuomo, formally approving the four proposed pilot programs. Over two weeks ago, the city sent a letter to the state defining its intention to open these sites. The State Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Zucker has yet to return or respond to the letter sent by the city.

What: Rally to Urge Governor Cuomo to Respond Immediately to SCS
When: Wednesday, May 16th at 12 pm
Where: Cuomo’s NYC Office–633 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10017


A young woman holds a sign that says "End the Drug War."

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