No. You cannot become addicted to cocaine after one use.

Addiction to a drug takes time and repeated use to develop and it is characterized by compulsive behavior despite negative consequences. However, it is always a risk to use cocaine or other drugs, which can trigger powerful experiences, and for some people, lead to continued use that becomes addiction. Cocaine use disorders can vary tremendously and are often differentiated as being mild, moderate, or severe.

According to government data, while 14.4 percent (nearly 39 million people) of the U.S. population aged 12 years or older has used cocaine in their lifetime, only 0.7 percent (nearly 1.9 million people) are current users – meaning they have used the drug in the past month. Despite the prevalence of its use, only 0.3% (about 867,000 people) of the American population aged 12 or older met the criteria for a cocaine use disorder in 2016.

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