Donate Crypto to DPA

Support the Drug Policy Alliance by making a charitable gift in cryptocurrency. We accept donations in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and over 100 additional leading cryptocurrencies.

Making a cryptocurrency donation to the Drug Policy Alliance is a secure way to power the fight to end the drug war, repair its harms, and build a non-punitive, equitable, and regulated drug market.

Your cryptocurrency gift will supply critical power for our efforts to treat drug use as a health issue, not a criminal problem. It’s time to dismantle the war on drugs and build effective, compassionate alternatives that enable people and communities to be healthy and to thrive.

How can I donate cryptocurrency to the Drug Policy Alliance?

Donating crypto is fast and secure. Using the donation form below to make a gift to the Drug Policy Alliance in three easy steps:

  1. Select your preferred cryptocurrency and enter your donation amount.
  2. Fill in your contact information (you can also choose to give anonymously).
  3. Make your gift!

Once you complete your donation, if you provided an email, you can select to receive an automatically generated tax receipt after a certain amount of confirmations of the transaction on the blockchain.

Crypto charitable donations are processed quickly and safely with The Giving Block and Gemini Trust Exchange.

Which cryptocurrencies does the Drug Policy Alliance accept?

We currently accept more than 100 cryptocurrencies and we are continually in the process of adding support for new cryptocurrencies.

If you don’t see a cryptocurrency you would like to donate, please contact Joe Salas, Membership Director, at [email protected].

Are crypto donations tax-deductible?

Yes! Your crypto donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.

I need assistance with my donation. How can I get in touch?

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Drug Policy Alliance. To contact us about making a crypto donation, email Joe Salas, Membership Director, at [email protected].

Additional information on donating crypto

All cryptocurrency donations made to the Drug Policy Alliance are nonrefundable. We are not able to give refunds if you sent the wrong cryptocurrency, sent the wrong amount, or sent it to the wrong organization.

Please only send the exact cryptocurrency listed on the blockchain mentioned on the donation form. Do not send any other cryptocurrencies (including layer 2, wrapped tokens, NFTs or other ERC-20 tokens not listed) as these are unsupported and may result in loss of donation. If you wish to donate a token that is not supported, please contact Joe Salas, Membership Director, at [email protected].

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