Build Oregon’s health infrastructure to support people who use drugs. Protect Measure 110.

People carry boxes of signatures for Oregon's Measure 110 to decriminalize all drugs in Oregon.

Measure 110 Decriminalizes Drugs, Invests in Health.

In 2020, Oregonians overwhelmingly voted for Measure 110. This landmark ballot initiative made Oregon the first place in the US to decriminalize possession of small amounts of all drugs. This means people are no longer arrested and put in jail for using or possessing drugs. It also directs hundreds of millions of dollars into addiction services and social supports for people who use drugs. These services include low-barrier substance use treatment, peer support and recovery services, housing and employment support, and overdose prevention. The Drug Policy Alliance wrote Measure 110 and Drug Policy Action spearheaded the campaign to get it passed.

No One Should Be Arrested for Drug Possession. Everyone Should Have Access to Care.

$302 million+ has already been invested in addiction services and social supports.

Source: Oregon Health Authority

Drug possession arrests significantly decreased after Measure 110 took effect.

Source: Oregon Criminal Justice Commision

57% of Oregonians still support the new law (Measure 110).

Source: Data for Progress
People carry boxes of signatures for Oregon's Measure 110 to decriminalize all drugs in Oregon.

Some Want to go Back to Criminalizing People Who Use Drugs.

Oregon’s Measure 110 ended criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of all drugs. It is also greatly expanding access to much needed (and chronically underfunded) addiction services in the state. Despite early indicators of success and continued voter support, some elected officials and anti-drug opponents want to go back to a harmful system where people are arrested and put in jail for drug possession.

Services Funded by Measure 110 Help Oregonians Navigate an Increasingly Unpredictable Drug Supply.

As with the rest of the country, fentanyl and other less understood (but potentially more potent) drugs continue to overtake the drug supply in Oregon. And while this has sadly led to an increased overdose death rate, Oregon remains well below the national average. With increased access to services funded by Measure 110, Oregonians will be better equipped to prevent and respond to overdoses. Measure 110 also removes the barriers caused by criminalization that prevent people from seeking lifesaving support.

Protect And Continue to Fund Measure 110.

The majority of the $302+ million funding for the 2021-23 budget cycle was allocated to service providers in August 2022. As such, much of the service infrastructure is still getting up off the ground. Yet, instead of understanding huge systems change takes time, some legislators have already tried to remove funding or roll back certain components of the measure. We have been up against many legislative attempts that would undermine the measure and its ability to help Oregonians. DPA, its partners on the ground, and legislative allies are hard at work to protect the will of the voters and ensure Measure 110 has the resources and support it needs to be successful.

Successful Implementation of Measure 110 is Critical.

The Drug Policy Alliance is fighting to ensure successful implementation of Measure 110 and build a robust public health response to drug use in Oregon. We are:

  • Providing technical policy support to advocates on the ground in Oregon;
  • Drafting amendments to legislation to support Measure 110 implementation;
  • Supporting efforts to ensure full funding for Measure 110 health and social services;
  • Convening experts to support research on the impacts of Measure 110;
  • Combatting negative and unfair portrayals in the media; and
  • Uplifting the successes and lessons learned for other jurisdictions considering decriminalization.

Learn more and find out how you can support Oregon's Measure 110.

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