The former logo of the Drug Policy Alliance.

The former logo of the Drug Policy Alliance.

The new logo of the Drug Policy Alliance.

The new logo of the Drug Policy Alliance.

We are the Drug Policy Alliance. We may look different, but our fight to end the drug war hasn’t changed.

Since 2000, the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) has been the leading organization in the U.S. working to end the drug war, repair its harms, and build a non-punitive, equitable, and regulated drug market. Over the last 20+ years, our work has evolved alongside our visual identity.

Our square red logo “We are the Drug Policy Alliance” debuted in 2010. This design helped communicate a professional image in spaces where talking about drugs and drug policy was still taboo or stigmatized. Just as importantly, the “We are” was a nod to the diverse partners, supporters, and allies with whom we do this important work. Under this visual identity, DPA has grown. We have made long-lasting, meaningful change on marijuana reform and advocated that drug use be treated as a health issue, not a criminal one.

With the release of our new strategic plan in 2022, DPA realigned the issues we would focus on. We are clearer than ever that ending the drug war and building a better future requires an unapologetic, bold vision that centers people’s health and wellbeing. We needed an identity to match.

DPA's logo as an animation.

Our new logo sets our name in a font that is bold yet approachable. The inclusion of a period emphasizes the strong declaration. This is who we are, how we will end the drug war, and build a better future — period! The period has an organic orbular shape, giving it a subtle human touch that balances out the sharpness of the wordmark.

DPA's color palette.

Our new colors are fresh, rooted in greens that symbolize growth, optimism, and the more peaceful world we envision. Green also communicates health, reflecting our commitment to build a health-based approach to drugs. The bright accent colors add urgency for change and calls to action.

Two members of DPA staff speak with a community member in LA.

Pictured are Matt and Jeannette, two Drug Policy Alliance team members, in California.

Three diverse young people sit in an office, smiling at the camera.

Pictured are DPA allies and friends from New York.

A DPA staff member leading a rally in Albany, NY. Her shirt reads "No More Drug War." A sign reads "Overdose Prevention Centers Save Lives".

Pictured is Toni, a DPA staff member, during an overdose prevention center rally.

At DPA, we envision a world that embraces the full humanity of people, regardless of their relationship to drugs. And we believe bodily autonomy should be protected and respected. So we put humanity at the heart and soul of our new brand. We prioritize photography that features real people in the spaces we inhabit, and visions the future we are here to build.

Support drug policy grounded in evidence, health, equity, and human rights.

Thank you to our creative and talented collaborators at Teal Media, who worked with us to develop this new identity.

A young woman holds a sign that says "End the Drug War."

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