Safer Partying Campaign - Goal 1

Stop hating on people who use drugs when they go out. We’re all out to have a great time and absent any harm to others, there’s no need to judge people for how they enjoy themselves. 

It seems like it goes against everything we’ve been taught, but in fact, the vast majority of people who use drugs do so non-problematically – meaning they aren’t addicted or causing great harm to themselves or others.

Most people who use drugs do not have a problem.

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Let’s be real about this. Music and various forms of intoxication have gone together since both were discovered. The combination has been used for self-discovery, healing – and sometimes just for fun.

And that’s okay. Our misguided drug laws aside, people who choose to use drugs should not be judged simply because they choose to use a drug.

It’s easy enough to understand when we think about alcohol – a risky, but currently legal drug that is by far most widely used in music scenes.

What matters most is behavior. People who choose to use alcohol or other drugs have an obligation to be informed, make smart choices and think about their impact on the scene – and if they make mistakes, we ought to offer compassion and correction before condemnation.

No matter if you use alcohol or other drugs every time you go out or never, everyone deserves to be treated with the same sort of respect you’d want for yourself or your friends.

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