The Drug Policy Alliance publishes a range of materials, including reports and fact sheets on drug policy issues, drug education resources for teens and their parents and resources for academics.

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Browse Resources

Browse through our collection of facts sheets, reports, videos, podcasts, and more to learn more about drugs and drug policy.

Drug Education Resources

In response to a lack of accurate, science-based and compassionate drug education resources, the Drug Policy Alliance created a set of materials called Safety First. The Safety First teen drug education program is designed to foster open and honest conversation among teenagers, educators and parents.
Resources for academics

Resources for Academics

DPA's Office of Academic Engagement supports researchers and academics who are interested in getting more involved in drug policy reform.
DPA's Lindesmith Library is an online catalog with more than 15,000 documents and videos.
Family in counseling

Find Treatment, Counseling or Legal Help

DPA does not provide direct legal services or referrals to treatment providers, but we can suggest organizations that may be able to help you find assistance.