Uprooting the Drug War Discussion Series: Housing, the Drug War, and the Denial of Stable Places to Live

Everyone should have access to stable, affordable housing, but many people are denied places to live based on misguided ideals of deterring people from using or being around drugs. This twisted drug war logic ignores the fact that denying housing or kicking people out of their homes only creates new problems and makes existing ones worse. People and families without homes are less likely to be able to keep jobs or stay in school, and those without homes who are using drugs are more likely to overdose or use more chaotically. Instead of shutting people out, we should be opening doors so that everyone has a place to call home.

This webinar brings together advocates, researchers, and directly impacted people to explore the ways in which the drug war has infiltrated the housing system and to generate solutions for reform. It is the fourth in a series of six webinars about DPA’s new initiative, Uprooting the Drug War.

Moderator:  Tara Raghuveer, KC Tenants and People's Action


  • Hill Brown, The Steady Collective
  • Susan Burton, A New Way of Life
  • Ryan McNeil, Yale School of Medicine
  • Queen Mendez, POWER/Ground Game
  • James "Qadhafi" Shelby, KC Homeless Union and KC Tenants

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