New Frontiers: Drug Use, Harm Reduction, and Essential Services in the Time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 environment complicates access to harm reduction services but also provides new opportunities for innovation and advocacy at a time when these services are needed more than ever. In this discussion, we explore how COVID-19 has impacted harm reduction services and practices in the community, examine novel models that could be replicated, discuss harm reduction in the context of mutual aid, and strategize on how to improve and expand access in this moment.
This is the fourth in a series of seven discussions that DPA held on COVID-19 and drug policy. These discussions bring together advocates and allies in the justice reform movement to discuss how we can sustain progress, which obstacles still remain, and how we can use the current moment to be more aspirational with our policy agendas.


  • Jesse-Lee Dunlap, North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition-West
  • Jamie Favaro, NEXT Harm Reduction
  • Miss Ian, San Francisco Drug Users’ Union
  • Dr. Andrea Lopez, University of Maryland Department of Anthropology
  • Dr. Hansel Tookes, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Moderator:  Lindsay LaSalle, Drug Policy Alliance

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