First of All: Why We Cope

“Taboo” issues like problematic drug use, sexual abuse, trauma, bullying and victimization, showing vulnerability, and enduring racism, sexism, homo- and transphobias – are common societal and structural challenges we all face.  

Marginalizing these issues makes it difficult to engage in impactful dialogues, healing and retribution, as it’s nearly impossible to heal what hasn’t been revealed. Through the silencing and stigmatization of survivors, we ultimately stifle the necessary space and support we all need to get through human life. 

This episode is a deep dive on some of our most pervasive cultural stressors, exploring common social injustices we commit against each other – both through law and in interpersonal dynamics – that make day-to-day functioning difficult. Compassion is key to understanding effective strategies for coping and for embracing effective, people-first drug policies.

About the Web Series

Hosted by Sasha Simon, Safety First Senior Program Manager at the Drug Policy Alliance, First of All aims to clear away all the junk science and stigma related to substance use, putting science, dignity and respect first. In this series, Simon brings key components of a harm reduction-approach to drug education to life online so viewers can discover innovative ways to learn about drugs that could save their lives or those of the people they love. 

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