First of All: De-Instilling Stigma: The Impact of K-12 Education

Modern society gives young people many things to cope with, which are often managed by and mitigated within the education system. The trauma that students bring to the classroom vis-a-vis child welfare policies, immigration policies, drug policies etc is oftentimes a reason why they use drugs to cope.

Recognizing that adolescence is a unique moment of growth and transition, it’s critical that teens have the necessary support to not only lean into the physical and cognitive changes that are occurring, but to also navigate the larger socio political forces that surround them. 

Coming out, homelessness, bullying, and/or having a struggling or absent parent are common difficulties of adolescence that teens need tools to successfully maneuver and overcome. In this episode, learn more about what schools and educators are doing to remove the stigma around teens being and becoming who they are in order to support students’ physical and mental health.

About the Web Series

Hosted by Sasha Simon, Safety First Senior Program Manager at the Drug Policy Alliance, First of All aims to clear away all the junk science and stigma related to substance use, putting science, dignity and respect first. In this series, Simon brings key components of a harm reduction-approach to drug education to life online so viewers can discover innovative ways to learn about drugs that could save their lives or those of the people they love. 

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