DPA Telephone Town Hall: A Call to Compassion with Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III

In this Telephone Town Hall, Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III, senior pastor of the 12,000-member congregation Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, shares his steadfast belief that the drug war is immoral, that locking up people who smoke marijuana is not an answer to the drug’s use or misuse and that ultimately, to disrupt not only mass incarceration but mass criminalization—or the New Jim Crow—that we must move toward the legalization of marijuana. He also calls on all churches to act as agents of transformation, or re-entry stations for people who are returning to society from prison.

Listen to the talk. (Or right-click to download.)

Criminal Justice Reform
Marijuana Legalization and Regulation
Mass Criminalization
Reforming Marijuana Laws