The Santa Fe Plan: A Municipal Public Health and Safety Approach to Alcohol and Other Drugs

The City of Santa Fe Municipal Drug Strategy Task Force

This report grows out of a recognition that the City of Santa Fe, despite being a national leader in many ways, could do better in its response to alcohol and drug use. Communities of all sizes across the United States are staggering under the weight of half a century of failed federal, state and local alcohol and drug policies.

Despite the decades-long drug war, overdose is now the leading killer of Americans under the age of fifty and rates of alcohol-related health problems and mortality have skyrocketed. However, people in local communities most impacted by problematic drug and alcohol use and deeply flawed public policies are stepping forward to make a difference.

Santa Fe can be a leader in supporting the health and wellness of its residents by taking action on locally based solutions and interventions in collaboration with its community partners and residents.

New Mexico