Protecting Colorado’s Children & Families

Colorado Coalition to Protect Children and Family Rights

The Drug Policy Alliance is committed to ending the drug war’s assault on families. Families throughout the United States experience devastating consequences of misguided drug war policies.

Infants, children and folks who are pregnant and parenting are especially vulnerable to punitive interventions that are supposedly designed to promote child welfare but all too often do more to inspire fear and shame, separate families and alienate them from care. Communities of color and low-income communities are disproportionately impacted.

In Colorado, through participation in the Colorado Coalition to Protect Children and Family Rights, we advocate for humane policies for families affected by substance use. The coalition includes a range of advocacy groups, community organizations and interested individuals who are committed to protecting the health, safety and rights of children and families when substance use is a factor in their lives.

Our goal is to empower those families by advancing child welfare policies and practices that reflect compassion, science and public health rather than perpetuate stigma. By promoting family unity and appropriate access to supportive resources, we can prevent and reduce harms to families rather than creating more.

Read the Colorado Coalition to Protect Children and Family Rights principles