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Welcome to Drugs & Stuff – DPA's podcast about drugs, harm reduction, mass criminalization, the drug war, and other stuff.

We bring in a wide variety of experts – from scientists to activists, writers to teachers – to hear about how drugs and drug policy play a role in their work and lives.

We also offer a peek behind the scenes as we feature DPA staff talking about the work they do.

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DPA Podcast Episode 42: Movement for Family Power’s Lisa Sangoi on the Drug War and the Family Regulation System

The drug war has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives—and it’s time to uproot it. The Drug Policy Alliance has been working closely with other advocacy organizations to create Uprooting the Drug War, a… Read More

DPA Podcast Episode 41: Portland Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty Talks All Drug Decriminalization and Alternatives to Policing

As we approach the one-year anniversary of Breonna Taylor's killing, the connection between deeply problematic policing and the criminalization of drugs has never been more apparent. On this episode, we take a… Read More

DPA Podcast Episode 40: Christine Minhee on the Promises and Perils of Opioid Litigation

Today, news broke that the Department of Justice has reached an $8 billion-plus settlement with Purdue Pharma for its role in the opioid crisis. This money should be used to combat the public health emergency of… Read More

DPA Podcast Episode 39: After Her Son Overdosed and Died, Jessie Dunleavy Realized it Was Preventable

Jessie Dunleavy always knew her son Paul was unique. He struggled throughout his life – to learn, to be accepted – and she tried however she could to help him along the way. But as he got older, and began to… Read More

DPA Podcast Episode 38: Keri Blakinger Reports on the Criminal Justice System That Once Held Her

Keri Blakinger has worked for years as a journalist (currently at The Marshall Project) covering the criminal justice system and exposing the abuses within it. She comes with experience that most… Read More

DPA Podcast Episode 37: Police Militarization is Not Normal

In her own community in Santa Fe, New Mexico, DPA Senior Director Emily Kaltenbach sees police with assault rifles, submachine guns, grenade launchers, and even tanks. To help us understand the far-reaching… Read More

DPA Podcast Episode 36: “Puff or Pass”: What Law & Order SVU Has to Say About Drugs and Policing

On the latest edition of our “Puff or Pass” series examining how drugs and people who use drugs are portrayed in pop culture, DPA’s marketing coordinator Ifetayo Harvey digs into a recent episode of Law &… Read More

DPA Podcast Episode 35: Kerwin Kaye on How Drug Courts Coerce, Control, and Continue to Harm Communities in Need

Drug courts – programs that seek to reduce drug use through mandated treatment and close judicial oversight – sound like a good alternative to incarceration. In theory they are thought to save money and increase… Read More

DPA Podcast Episode 34: Six Months Later, Safety First Drug Education Continues to Evolve

When the Drug Policy Alliance publicly released our harm reduction-based drug education curriculum Safety First in October, the world was a different place. In the months since, it’s evolved into an even more… Read More

DPA Podcast Episode 33: “Puff or Pass”: Can The Simpsons Really School Us on Cannabis?

We’ve all been there: you’re watching TV or a movie, playing a video game or listening to some music, when drugs enter the storyline. This can go well -- and it can also go really badly. On this episode, we’re… Read More