The New Solutions Campaign: Parole Reform

We are currently advocating for the passage of parole reform legislation, Senate Bill 895 / Assembly Bill 2182, that would allow for the release of nonviolent offenders at their first parole eligibility date, provided that they commit no serious disciplinary infractions while incarcerated and participate in rehabilitation programming.

At the moment, administrative delays and poor institutional organization mean that individuals often remain needlessly warehoused in prisons even after they become eligible for parole. This wastes money and hinders successful reintegration by ensuring that offenders are denied participation in their families and communities for longer than public safety and fundamental fairness demands.

By facilitating the release of nonviolent offenders who have met certain requirements, Senate Bill 895 / Assembly Bill 2182 provides an incentive for good behavior and cooperation with treatment recommendations without compromising the ability of the parole board to make decisions that best promote public safety.  It will streamline community reintegration efforts, reduce our burgeoning prison population, and prevent the wasteful expenditure of state money on continuing to incarcerate people who have served their time and demonstrated rehabilitation. Please join us in supporting this critical piece of legislation.