Treatment Not Incarceration

Pre-Trial Jail Diversion

Drug offenders struggling with substance abuse or dependence need help, not jail. Drug Policy Alliance's (DPA) 2010 proposal offers appropriate community-based treatment, instead of incarceration, for people charged with drug possession offenses or drug-related probation and parole violations. Offering treatment instead of incarceration enhances public safety by reducing drug-related crime and preserving jail and prison space for violent offenders.

Rather than sending individuals to prison to learn more dangerous crimes and not receive the appropriate treatment, this legislation helps get to the root of the problem--substance abuse. Not only does treatment instead of incarceration make our communities safer, but the cost of probation and treatment is much less than the cost of incarceration. In 2007 alone, New Mexico taxpayers wasted $22 million dollars to incarcerate nonviolent drug possession offenders. We can do better, New Mexico!

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