What is the Fest Law Network?

Despite all events being "zero tolerance" and "drug free," people often use or sell drugs at festivals, concerts and clubs – and often get arrested for it.  

The Fest Law network is a group of criminal defense attorneys and law students who understand this context of legal action, commonly used drugs and charges, and, importantly, share a belief that despite our current drug laws being written the way they are, that drug use ought to be treated as a health issue rather than a criminal matter.  They will see and treat individuals making use of the Fest Law Network with compassion and respect.

What Does the Fest Law Network Do?

People who get  arrested at a festival often  have traveled to that festival  from out of state. Many of these individuals may be young people, or it may be their first time dealing with the criminal justice system. They are usually scared and unsure of where to turn to for accurate legal advice.

Representatives within the Fest Law Network agree to be called upon by individuals in need of legal advice and  to give a brief, free 30 minute – 1 hour consultation on their case or issue.   Topics should include a general overview of what to expect in court,  what documentation is needed or will be asked for, and  help considering whether a public defender will suffice in their case.

Will This Help My Business?

Fest Law Network representatives will agree to provide the 30 minute – 1 hour consultation for free. The focus of this consultation should be on helping the individual understand their options, their most likely outcome and to give them accurate local legal information.

An attorney  in the  Fest Law Network  can offer to take an  individual referral as a  client so long as they also provide the  name and contact information of at least two other  comparable criminal defense attorneys as a resource for the individual to consider.  Aggressive "pitching" to individuals making use of the Fest Law Network will not be tolerated.  

Philosophically, we are envisioning this more as a “directory” of attorneys who can be called upon in an emergency  as opposed to an advertising or referral network.

What about Law Students?

We are also reaching out to law students as part of this new network. Part of the goal of the  Fest Law Network is to try to provide legal research and other support to groups working in the fields of "Harm Reduction" and drug policy reform. (DanceSafe, SSDP, Amplify etc)

One of our goals is to  set up a  directory matching  law students who have an interest in researching  these topics with organizations that may have a need for legal research or may be looking for legal interns.

What is the First Fest Law Network project?

The Drug Policy Alliance is currently completing its work on a state by state guide as to the legality of drug testing kits. Here is the legal research prepared by Donika Alexova.

We would love feedback  from attorneys and law students in the Fest Law Network about this state by state guide.  We are especially interested as what insight you can provide as to whether you have seen prosecutions under your home state’s  “drug paraphernalia” laws.

To join the Fest Law Network, please email info@festivallawyer.com.

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