Drug Researchers' Roundtable – Capitalist Crises, the Politics of Class Hegemony, and the Opioid Epidemic

New York, NY

Sam Friedman is writing a book on capitalist structures, contradictions, and struggles as they have shaped the HIV/AIDS epidemic. In this talk, he will consider how the contradictions, primarily one-way class war, and misery produced by the last half century in the United States have helped produce the current opioid and overdose epidemic. He will also discuss possible ways to undo these contradictions and miseries and thereby end not only the overdose epidemic but also the human dilemmas in which it is based.


Sam Friedman, PhD, is the Director of the Institute of Infectious Disease Research at National Development and Research Institutes. He has conducted research on drug use, HIV/AIDS and related topics since 1983. He is the author of almost 600 professional publications and has published well over 200 poems.

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