Stories from the Marijuana Movement

Morgan Jones: Medical Marijuana in New York

Morgan, 3 years old, suffers from Dravet Syndrome — a severe form of epilepsy that causes persistent seizures. Prescription drugs, many not FDA approved for someone her age, have proved ineffective, but the considerable research on medical marijuana shows significant promise.The Jones family calls on the New York State legislature to pass the Compassionate Care Act to bring medical marijuana to their state.


Dr. Harry Levine: Marijuana Arrest Crusade

Dr. Harry Levine is the country's leading researcher on marijuana arrests. He explains how policing practices exploit a "loophole" in New York state law. Oftentimes, the police demand that people -- usually young people of color -- empty their pockets, and when they do, the violation for marijuana possession turns into an arrestable misdemeanor for marijuana in public view.


Steven Glover: Illegal Search and False Arrest in New York

Steven Glover was standing outside his school with his friends when he offered them mints. Police officers approached Steven and asked him to show them what he had just passed to his friend's hand. He told the officers he had just given his friend a mint from a tin container and opened his mouth to show he was also eating a mint. Without obtaining Steven's consent, the officers searched his pockets. They eventually found a small pen knife and remnants of marijuana in his pocket. Steven was not charged with possession of the pen knife, but was charged with possession of marijuana in public view.


Rep. Jared Polis: Marijuana Legalization in the U.S.

Congressman Jared Polis of Colorado introduced legislation to reform federal marijuana policy in 2013. He spoke about the momentum and future of marijuana reform at the 2013 International Drug Policy Reform Conference in Denver. 


Sean McGrath: Medical Marijuana in New Jersey

Sean McGrath was 28 years old when he died from a rare form of cancer. Sean had great doctors, a loving family and friends to support him during his illness. But Sean’s struggle was made more difficult because none of the available medications worked to relieve his terrible nausea and vomiting.

Desperate for relief, Sean tried medical marijuana. Sean’s father Don explained, “When one of his doctors recommended he try marijuana for the pain and the nausea, he was initially resistant, but he realized he had to do something. It was a bad situation; he was down to 97 pounds. He didn't know where to get any, but some of his friends did. It worked. It made the other drugs effective because he could actually keep them down long enough for them to work."