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By Erika Nagasaki
Drug use and experimentation tend to proliferate on college campuses. For those who can afford this experience, campuses are often a sanctuary for drug use. In high school, drinking alcohol was my only experience with… Read More
By Widney Brown
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced plans this week to move forward with making Wisconsin the first U.S. state to drug test people applying for food stamps. We’ve been down this road before. Several states have… Read More
By Morgan Humphrey
On this day, 49 years ago, 21 year-old Fred Hampton, Black Panther Party of Self-Defense State chairman, was drugged and assassinated by the Chicago Police Department (with the assistance of the FBI).  Just another… Read More
By Hannah Hetzer
The President of the Philippines is responsible for a brutal drug war that has killed thousands of people in his country. He is also the protagonist in a series of online video games that glorify these murders. In… Read More
By Amanda Bent
New National Perinatal Association Position Statement Shines Light On An Alternative Approach During my graduate social work internship at a syringe access program I saw many things that shocked me at the time. I… Read More
By Marsha Rosenbaum
It felt like Goundhog Day last week when the president and attorney general, in response to the overdose crisis, advocated a resurrection of “just say no”-style anti-drug advertising. It’s been 30 years since Mrs.… Read More
By Widney Brown
The White House Commission on the opioid crisis released its final report on Nov.1. The report contained a range of recommendations including increasing the number of drug courts and launching a public campaign to… Read More
By Derek Rosenfeld
We've got another episode of Drugs & Stuff that we recorded at the 2017 Reform Conference! Dr. Malik Burnett is a general surgeon and former DPA staff member who successfully led our campaign to pass Initiative… Read More
By Michelle Wright
It’s a new day in Atlanta. Two monumental political shifts have occurred. The Atlanta city council approved ordinance 17-O-1152, which makes the possession of marijuana under one ounce a non-arrestable offense and… Read More
By Maria McFarland Sánchez-Moreno
My Fellow Americans, Families, communities, and citizens across our country are in crisis due to the dramatic escalation in opioid overdoses. While some other countries are struggling with increased overdose rates,… Read More