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By Michelle Eastwood
Prince died on April 21, 2016 after taking a painkiller that contained fentanyl. DPA's asha bandele sat down with Mic.com to talk about ending drug overdose deaths and changing the narrative on people who use drugs. … Read More
By Hannah Hetzer
For the past two years, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs has claimed the lives of thousands of people, primarily from the most marginalized and vulnerable communities. This tragedy will form the… Read More
By Sasha Simon
How many years have we known that abstinence-based programs like D.A.R.E. fail to truly educate young people about drugs, and that we need a replacement? The answer: too many. But happily, now there’s an alternative… Read More
By Morgan Humphrey
On March 14th thousands of students walked out of school to protest gun violence, demanding legislators enact more stringent gun control in the U.S.  Later that night, black Brazilian city council member and vocal… Read More
By Tommy McDonald
Long-time Drug Policy Alliance media relations director, Tony Newman joined the latest episode of Drugs & Stuff to chat about the current state of drug policy reform, and his latest think piece, which you can… Read More
By Anthony Papa
On February 21, I attended the New York City film opening of “The Survivor’s Guide to Prison” at the Landmark Theater in Manhattan.    I was invited to attend by executive producer Jeffrey Deskovic, who, as a victim… Read More
By Michael Collins
It is said that the President’s Budget is the clearest indication of an Administration’s policy priorities. An analysis of Trump’s proposal – released Monday – shows that a key priority of this White House is the… Read More
By Tony Newman
We are all drug users. Coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, weed, Viagra, ecstasy, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety pills and more – people are using these drugs on a weekly or even daily basis. Why do we all use drugs?… Read More
By Suchitra Rajagopalan
Last month, six people were sentenced to death for drug trafficking by a Malaysian court. Two are Malaysian and the rest are Indian nationals – another country that maintains the death penalty for drug offenses. While… Read More
By Art Way
The talk concerning the first state to legalize marijuana is ongoing and seemingly endless. Colorado is poster child for supporters and detractors alike. Overall, the now five year old policy is healthy and strong and… Read More