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We all want ourselves, our loved ones, and communities to be safe and healthy. It’s normal to feel scared when you hear about fentanyl and the growing overdose crisis. Unfortunately, so much of the information on… Read More
By Alison Lu
People who are struggling with addiction need access to treatment, not barriers. This includes medication that can help with addiction, such as methadone. Methadone is an FDA-approved medication that helps people reduce or… Read More
By By Janneiry Garcia
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You may be surprised to know that despite preparing for medical school for over 6 years—including pre-med classes, extensive global health volunteering, and MCAT preparation—to become an addiction medicine doctor, I did not… Read More
People use drugs for many reasons, including for fun, to celebrate, to manage physical and mental health challenges, and to cope with stress. The truth is that all drug use carries potential risks – and benefits. And we know… Read More
The war on marijuana is a war on people. Yet instead of ending federal prohibition and advancing marijuana justice, Congress is rushing to pass a marijuana banking bill that would prioritize profits over people being harmed… Read More
By Jake Samieske
Pop culture has the power to shape our beliefs, for better or worse. Now, as the United States grapples with an overdose crisis – one that has culminated in a record number of overdose deaths in 2020 (a nearly 30% increase… Read More
By Maritza Perez, Cyrus O’Brien and Charlotte Lawrence
You’ve probably seen it by now, on B-roll if not in real life: Police and sheriff’s deputies spraying protesters with a water cannon mounted on a mine resistant vehicle. Combat vehicles rolling down American streets. Police… Read More
By Drug Policy Alliance
On March 13th, 2020, Breonna Taylor was killed in her home by police officers during a no-knock raid. Her death prompted national attention and outrage as yet another illustrative case of racist and violent police tactics… Read More
By Dilara Balkan
In 2021, advocates in New York and New Mexico—two states where DPA has a long history of fighting to reform drug policy—are campaigning to legalize marijuana. These legalization efforts are different than efforts in most… Read More
By Kassandra Frederique
It has been quite the year. 2020 was defined by its novel challenges and escalating uncertainty, but our movement stayed the course, exceeded our own expectations, and broke new ground. I cannot help but look back on DPA’s… Read More