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Urgent Action: Don’t Let Congress Prioritize Marijuana Profits Over People

The war on marijuana is a war on people. Yet instead of ending federal prohibition and advancing marijuana justice, Congress is rushing to pass a marijuana banking bill that would prioritize profits over people being harmed by prohibition. 

Big industry is trying to convince lawmakers to sneak the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act into the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act that’s being negotiated right now.

We have less than 72 hours to keep the SAFE Banking Act OUT of this omnibus bill and the only way to stop it is if advocates like you speak up right away.  Please make quick calls to House Speaker Pelosi at (202) 225-4965 and Senate Majority Leader Schumer at (202) 224-6542 saying thanks for standing strong for real reform:

Sample Script

I’m calling to urge Congressional leadership to continue holding strong to keep the SAFE Banking Act out of the National Defense Authorization Act. Marijuana prohibition is ruining lives and ending federal marijuana prohibition with comprehensive reform like the MORE Act should be your focus right now. Please continue making sure that Congress doesn't prioritize banking, profits, and big business before long overdue equity and justice for people being harmed by marijuana criminalization. Please keep the SAFE Banking bill out of the NDAA and instead move the MORE Act forward. Thank you.  

You can also make your voice heard by sending this tweet to Pelosi and Schumer.  

While we agree marijuana businesses, like any other businesses, need access to banking services — and in fact, the DPA-supported MORE Act would fully fix the banking issue — we cannot do so at the expense of equity and justice for Black, Latinx and Indigenous communities that have borne the brunt of prohibition.  

By slipping SAFE into the Defense Authorization bill ahead of moving the MORE Act, Congress is sending a clear message that the industry and huge multi-state operators take precedent before the countless people that have had their lives devastated by punitive and racially-motivated drug policies.  

Please make your voice heard immediately to tell Congress not to prioritize marijuana profits over the people being harmed by our disastrous marijuana laws.