Second Chance Month

Do you believe in second chances?

April is Second ChanceTM Month, an effort led by Prison Fellowship to raise awareness about the barriers adults with criminal records face that limit their access to education, jobs, and housing.

In recognition of Second Chance Month, Drug Policy Alliance is honored to present the inspirational stories of formerly incarcerated people who have dedicated their lives to serving others – from fighting for drug policy reform, to mentoring men and women coming out of prison, to providing academic enrichment opportunities to children with incarcerated parents. 

Join us in celebrating their second chances.

Lawrence Harris: Engaging the Next Generation
By Anthony Papa
In 2010, I got a visit from Lawrence Harris who was sentenced to 60 years in prison under the Rockefeller Drug Laws (RDLs). Because of a series of legal challenges he made, his sentence was later reduced to 17 years to life… Read More
Dr. Jay Borchert: Searching for Truth
By Anthony Papa
Dr. Jay Borchert has a very rich life. Before joining the Drug Policy Alliance in 2019 as a researcher and quantitative analyst, he served as an assistant professor of Sociology at John Jay College and an Emerging Diversity… Read More
Julio Medina: Breaking the Cycle
By Anthony Papa
Statistically, it is well known that if you wind up in prison and are lucky enough to get out, you will be going back some time soon. Julio Medina is someone who has beaten the odds. He was a long way from prison and his… Read More
Elaine Bartlett: Advocating for Women
By Anthony Papa
Elaine Bartlett is a hero.  She survived serving 16 years of a 20 to life sentence for transporting a few ounces of cocaine. In the early 1980s, desperate to feed her family, she accepted $2,500 to transport a… Read More
Terrence Stevens: Keeping Families Connected
By Anthony Papa
Terrence Stevens is on a mission to save children whose parents are incarcerated. He knows too well the stories that these kids represent. He is the founder and CEO of In Arms Reach (IAR) a Harlem-based nonprofit assisting… Read More
Anthony Papa: Fighting for Reform
By Drug Policy Alliance
Second chances is something Anthony Papa strongly believes in.    In 1985 he made the biggest mistake in his life when he got involved with drug activity. Papa was married with a 7 year-old daughter, and self-… Read More