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The Drug War’s Out of Fashion…but Not These Throwback Tees!

Melissa Franqui

It’s the 1970’s. The Jackson 5, Donna Summer and the Bees Gees reign over the airwaves, and velour pant suits, flared denim, and corduroy jackets are fashion forward. Disco explodes and by the end of the decade Hollywood releases the epic space opera, Star Wars. And Nixon declares a “war on drugs.”

If it feels like ancient history – it should, but it’s not. Nixon dramatically increased the size and presence of federal drug control agencies, and pushed through measures such as mandatory sentencing and no-knock warrants. These destructive polices, designed to disrupt anti-war efforts and fracture Black communities, are still very much part of our political landscape, despite the fact that they don’t end drug use, are rooted in racism and should have been left by wayside along with polyester and Pong consoles.

The drug war is stitched into the fabric of the criminal justice system and beyond, and its damaging influence has outlived Nixon’s appalling legacy. That’s why the Drug Policy Alliance and social justice apparel brand Human Intonation have teamed up to create a line of tank tops and t-shirts inspired by 70’s flair, taking note of the fact that the drug war has raged for far too long.

"With Drug Policy Alliance we were able to create a true intersect between the human rights issues that each of our brands feels so passionate about. Understanding the link between drug policy, a person’s choice to party safer and related issues such as HIV prevention, testing and treatment is just one example of how powerful an impact  HUMAN INTONATION can make when collaborating with an organization truly in the trenches for social change like DPA,” said Verneda Adele White, founder and creative director of H.I.

Get retro chic and festival ready while supporting an organization working to end failed and discriminatory policies. Go to our website, and get your No More Drug War or Party Safer shirt today!

Melissa Franqui is the manager of communications and marketing for the Drug Policy Alliance

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