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DPA Media Veteran Tony Newman Explains How We Are All Drug Users, and Offers a New Approach

Tommy McDonald

Long-time Drug Policy Alliance media relations director, Tony Newman joined the latest episode of Drugs & Stuff to chat about the current state of drug policy reform, and his latest think piece, which you can read here.

In his piece, Newman writes:

“We are all drug users. Coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, weed, Viagra, ecstasy, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety pills and more – people are using these drugs on a weekly or even daily basis.

Why do we all use drugs? Because drugs work. We all have our personal reasons for using – whether for pleasure, or treating pain or otherwise. And of course many people face challenges from their drug use.”

Newman has witnessed a dramatic change in the drug policy reform landscape since coming to DPA 18 years ago. As director of media relations, he has been at the forefront of most of DPA’s greatest victories and he was – and continues to be - instrumental in the dramatic shift in the public perception of drugs and drug policy.

If you’ve read a well-balanced, informative, fact-based news story about drugs in the last 18 years, chances are Tony Newman had something to do with it. With an almost encyclopedic recall of media outlets and reporters, Newman has helped shape the media narrative on drugs and drug policy nationally and internationally.

We dove into what brought him into the drug policy sphere and we get to hear the wily veteran share stories about what keeps him energized about this work for so long. Listen to the episode here.

Follow Tony on Twitter at @TonyNewmanDPA.

Tommy McDonald is director of multimedia for the Drug Policy Alliance.

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