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In response to the mass-scale protests calling for an end to police violence, DPA's Sophie Dowdy penned a thought-provoking op-ed on DPA's Medium making the case that ending the drug war is a critical component to … Read More
By Drug Policy Alliance
DPA's Alexis Martin wrote a powerful op-ed in Filter discussing why Juneteenth should include the freedom to use drugs. "This year, Juneteenth is taking its rightful place as a more meaningful celebration of… Read More
By Kassandra Frederique, Drug Policy Alliance
Dr. Kim Sue, Harm Reduction Coalition
The rapid escalation of COVID-19 across the US is exposing many of the systemic vulnerabilities within our society while also revealing the many policy and criminal justice decisions that have made us more vulnerable. There… Read More
By Maria McFarland Sánchez-Moreno
Dear DPAers, I am writing to let you know that I will be stepping down from the role of executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance on March 6 to take a job at my previous organization, Human Rights Watch.  The… Read More
By Aliza Cohen
The Office of Academic Engagement undertook a project in the last two years to develop recommendations about how to fill in gaps in the drug policy research environment and improve the evidence base that informs drug policy… Read More
By Michael Collins
On Thursday, June 20, 2019, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez debated her amendment to reduce $5 million in funding for the Drug Enforcement Agency as part of a Department of Justice appropriations bill… Read More
By New York Policy Office
Brendan Cox, former chief of the Albany Police Department, wrote an op-ed in the Times Union calling for marijuana legalization, not decriminalization, in New York State: "In New York, marijuana decriminalization has… Read More
By New York Policy Office
Long-time DPA ally Dr. Elizabeth Bogel Ryan wrote a powerful op-ed featured on Syracuse.com urging state legislators to pass the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act to end marijuana prohibition in New York. Dr. Ryan… Read More
By Anthony Papa
On Tuesday April 18, hip hop pioneer and activist Fab 5 Freddy hosted the New York City premiere of his new documentary “Grass is Greener.” The film, which will debut on Netflix on Saturday, April 20 – 4/20,… Read More
By Drug Policy Alliance New Jersey
Last week, Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) co-organized a forum with The College of New Jersey featuring an expert panel of public health officials, researchers, legal experts, and community leaders on innovations… Read More