Avinash Tharoor

Coordinator, Foundation Giving

Avinash Tharoor is the foundation giving coordinator at DPA, where he helps raise funds from institutional donors to support the organization’s programs and campaigns across the country.

Avinash received his bachelor's degree in International Relations from the University of Westminster, and holds a master's degree in International Public Policy from University College London.

Prior to joining DPA, Avinash lived in his hometown of London, where he was Policy and Communications Officer at Release, and the editor of the online publication, TalkingDrugs. His writing on drug policy has appeared in the Guardian, the Independent, the Huffington Post (US and UK), and other publications.

Avinash previously worked with DPA to develop a public sign-on letter to the United Nations during the UN General Assembly Special Session on drugs in 2016.

Avinash is passionate about advancing human rights and social justice.