Current Action Alerts

While President Biden rightfully called on Russia to release Brittney Griner, he hasn't acted to help people who are being punished for marijuana and other drugs in the U.S. Tell him to release drug war prisoners and end federal marijuana prohibition now.

The Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act (CAOA) is the first comprehensive marijuana reform bill ever introduced in the U.S. Senate. Tell your Senators to end prohibition and advance marijuana justice.

The Drug Policy Reform Act (DPRA) is an unprecedented bill that would decriminalize drugs at the federal level. Tell your members of Congress support it. 

For the first time in history, harm reduction was included as a major pillar in the National Drug Control Strategy but it also includes a huge funding increase for the DEA and law enforcement. Push Congress to prioritize and fund harm reduction instead of punishment.

The 1033 program gives law enforcement free military equipment and other weapons in pursuit of waging the drug war in our communities. Tell your Rep to support the bill that would abolish the 1033 program.

The U.S. House passed the Justice in Policing Act, but it does not go nearly far enough to save lives. Tell your Senators to strengthen the bill and end deadly policing practices fueled by the drug war.

The House has passed the MORE Act for the second time, a bill that would end federal marijuana prohibition while repairing its harms and prioritizing equity and social justice. Now it's up the Senate to act: tell them to move reform legislation forward as soon as possible.

Disastrous drug war policies punish parents and take away their children without any reason other than supposed drug use. Join the fight to stop it and keep families together. 

The drug war has turned our schools into places for criminalization and punishment. Tell your Senators to change it by supporting the Counseling Not Criminalization in Schools Act.

Now is the time for President Biden to make good on his promises. Tell him to act now and take immediate steps to begin dismantling the drug war.