Current Action Alerts

Last year, we took an historic step forward when the U.S. House passed the MORE Act. Tell Congress to pick up where we left off by reintroducing this important bill to advance marijuana justice. 

Patrick Kennedy is campaigning for the role of drug czar and his harmful and outdated prohibitionist views make him a disastrous potential choice for the position. Tell Biden to pick a drug czar that supports reform and not repeat the drug war mistakes of the past.

Although the House of Representatives passed the Justice in Policing Act, it falls short on reforms that will actually save lives. Tell your Senators to strengthen the bill and end deadly policing practices fueled by the drug war.

For the first time ever, we’re finally seeing real momentum to decriminalize drugs at both the state and federal level. Join the fight to end the criminalization of people who use drugs. 

The new administration brings new opportunities for change. Tell President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Congress to make drug policy reform a federal priority. 

People behind bars, including many for drug offenses, have already tragically died. Join us in calling on the CDC to include the release of people from prison and jails in its COVID-19 guidelines to slow the spread and save lives.

Demand that your Governor reduce incarceration and immigrant detention capacity, stop minor arrests, and ensure continued access to medication-assisted treatment and medical marijuana.

Tell your Members of Congress to support the CARE Act which will give communities across the country the critical resources they need to address the overdose crisis. This is an opportunity to shift federal priorities where they belong – away from punitive policies to health-based solutions.