Resources and Training for Academics

Our Department of Research and Academic Engagement (DRAE) is committed to working with drug researchers and academics to insure that their work has the greatest possible impact. We provide group and one-on-one training and guidance on how to make research accessible to the media and general public and how to engage in policy advocacy. If you are interested in one-on-one support or having DRAE staff come speak to your group, please contact Aliza Cohen at [email protected].


Check out our series of webinars designed to enhance the ability of researchers and academics to reach a broader audience and better influence policy with their work.

Watch our past webinars on YouTube.


Many scholars studying drugs also teach about them. In an effort to improve the quality of education about drugs and drug policy at the undergraduate and graduate level, DRAE has created a syllabi-sharing project. If you have a syllabus you are willing to share in a private dropbox or would like to see the syllabi of others, please email Jules Netherland at [email protected].