Advocacy Grants Program: Advancing Drug Policy Through Partnership & Community Engagement

Attendees of “NOT ONE STEP BACK," a panel discussion led by our partners during our annual Policy Change Partners Gathering.

The Drug Policy Alliance’s (DPA) Advocacy Grants Program has been making small grants to grassroots organizations working on drug policy reform since 2005. 

Our funding priorities are guided by DPA’s mission to advance policies and attitudes that best reduce the harms of both drug use and drug prohibition, and to promote the sovereignty of individuals over their minds and bodies.

At this time DPA is not accepting any proposals. 

In the next year, we will announce new grants within the Advocacy Grants Program. Our new grants will be aligned with the organizational strategy and priorities developed during DPA’s new strategic plan. 

Please check back in June of 2022 for updates.

If you have any further questions about the Advocacy Grants Program, please email us at [email protected].

Click here for a list of our Promoting Policy Change partners.