Suchitra Rajagopalan

Research Coordinator

Suchitra Rajagopalan is the research coordinator for the Drug Policy Alliance. She is responsible for creating content for DPA-branded materials, conducting secondary research to inform DPA’s publications, media, web and policy work, and maintaining a comprehensive reference library of relevant research on drugs, drug policy and criminal justice reform. 

Prior to joining DPA, Suchitra was based in Mumbai, India, where she worked on drug policy issues at the HIV/AIDS unit of a legal aid organization called  Lawyers Collective. Her passion for drug policy reform stems from a commitment to human rights and social justice. 

She writes on drug policy issues and is the co-author of the CNN Opinion piece “The new 4/20: Beyond legalizing it”.

Suchitra studied political science at Sciences Po Paris and studied law at Trinity College Dublin and the University of Mumbai.