Ryan Chavez

Managing Director, Finance and Administration

Ryan Chavez is managing director, finance and administration, based in New York. Ryan has over 20 years of progressive experience in government and nonprofit management, emergency feeding programs, technical assistance and AIDS housing services. Prior to joining the organization, Ryan served for seven years as deputy executive director of Community Health Action (CHASI), a community organization based in Staten Island that provides services to individuals and families challenged by health disparities.

Before joining CHASI, he was director of strategic planning for NYC’s HIV Health and Human Services Planning Council. Previously, he worked at Bailey House, a nationally-recognized AIDS housing provider, where he developed a technical assistance department providing program planning and evaluation, fiscal management, conflict resolution and trainings to NYC AIDS housing agencies. He was a member of NYC’s Housing Works Group and the Massachusetts statewide Housing Advisory Committee. While at Bailey House, he worked closely with the city to develop a number of new housing models, including the Sustainable Living Fund. Ryan has an M.S. from the University of Massachusetts at Boston with a concentration in nonprofit management, and a B.A. in Psychology from Cornell University.

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