Black Drug Policy History

Why some of the content on this page has been removed since your last visit.

In May 2018, an internal investigation by the Drug Policy Alliance found some of the content featured on this page was developed pursuant to an improper arrangement, thus threatening the integrity of the content shared on our platforms.

DPA takes great pride in the quality of our communications about drug policy and we place tremendous value on truth and transparency in our communications with the public. We believe it is critical to our mission that the public be able to trust our content.

While the previously published stories and information about the war on drugs and the harms it has had on Black people are factual and important in illustrating why this war must end, we have decided to no longer share this content, as the means through which it was created and more widely shared directly contradicts our organizational values.

We appreciate the continued support of our community of partners in the media and beyond, and have taken measures to ensure that all future content meets the highest standards of quality and journalistic integrity.

By Sharda Sekaran
I first met Deborah Small in 2000, when I was working as a consultant for the Drug Policy Alliance and my job was to plan programming for the Shadow Conventions, public events that were the brainchild of Arianna Huffington,… Read More
By Laura Thomas
One of my dearest wishes as a drug policy reformer is that elected officials and policy makers listened more closely to the researchers. What I often mean when I say that is that I wish they listened to Ricky Bluthenthal.… Read More
By Yolande Cadore
Every social movement needs an Esther, the Jewish queen who risked her life to save her people from persecution.  Dr. Iva Carruthers, general secretary of the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, is an Esther for our time… Read More
By Alexis R. Posey
I am a little embarrassed to admit when my friend/colleague mentioned Dr. Joycelyn Elders I had no idea who she was talking about (blame the public school system if you like) and it wasn’t until I went home and hit up… Read More
By Maggie Taylor
Baltimore is a beautiful city, home to the glittering Inner Harbor, mouth-watering crab, and the best ballpark on earth. But if there’s one thing Baltimoreans know, it’s the ravages that drugs can have on… Read More
By Kassandra Frederique
I've learned in my four years in the drug policy reform field that if you wait long enough, the same ill-informed and racist drug war propaganda will be rehashed over and over again. As I read the New York Times this… Read More